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Explore the Valprovia Resource Center - Your one-stop resource for in-depth information about SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365. Get to know Valprovia's products in all their facets, from features to deployment possibilities. Benefit from our extensive array of webinars, whitepapers, and videos, and enhance your knowledge with Valprovia.

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CIO & IT Leader Guide for Microsoft Teams Governance
CIO Guide for Microsoft Teams Governance
Dynamics & SharePoint Integration Kit (cooming soon)
Dynamics & SharePoint Integration Kit (Coming Soon)
Teams Center End User Training
Teams Center End User Training


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Microsoft Teams Governance
10 Best Practices for Microsoft Teams Governance help you manage your Collaboration platform better. Experts show essential strategies for your success
Microsoft Teams Governance, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Provisioning
How the PnP community can strengthen Microsoft platforms in several aspects
Microsoft Teams Governance, Microsoft Teams
Discover how to overcome the top 10 challenges in running Microsoft Teams and maximize the potential of the platform
Microsoft Teams Governance
Less searching and more finding, that's how you can optimize your file search in Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Learn about the drawbacks of the standard team owner concept in Microsoft Teams and how it can compromise security for team owners
Microsoft Teams Governance
Learn how to effectively clean up Microsoft Teams groups. Solutions for challenges included
Microsoft Teams Governance, Microsoft Teams
With our step-by-step guide, you can easily create Microsoft Teams groups and avoid typical mistakes
Microsoft Teams Governance
Guide to optimised management and maintenance of MS Teams. Lifecycle management increases productivity, ensures compliance and relieves the burden on IT
Microsoft Teams Governance
Everything you need to know about managing external users in Microsoft Teams, how to set up temporary access and what's helpful to know about guest access
Microsoft Teams Governance
In-house development can be time-consuming, costly and IT-intensive. For most companies, the advantages of a third-party solution outweigh the disadvantages
Microsoft Teams Governance
The solution architecture of Teams Center meets the requirements of enterprise companies in the D-A-CH region with regard to Microsoft Teams Governance.
Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Document Management
Consider storage structures, permissions, metadata, search and limits before making the decision to integrate SharePoint and Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Document Management
Pros and cons of the 3 options for document storage in Microsoft Dynamics 365. When attachments, SharePoint and Azure Blob Storage are suitable
Microsoft Teams Governance
Medium-sized companies with around 1,000 employees save up to two IT specialists by automating and standardising governance rules  in Microsoft 365 
Microsoft Teams Governance, Provisioning
Standard templating feature of Microsoft Teams and the advantages of Valprovia’s Teams Center solution as decision criteria for a pre-built solution
Microsoft Teams Governance
All expenses that have to be calculated into the total costs of ownership in order to determine the costs of a third-party governance solution in ASG area
Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Document Management
Step-by-step instructions on how to activate the document management feature of Dynamics 365 quickly and easily and what you should consider beforehand
Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Document Management
Why you should avoid using Dynamics 365 Attachments and how to deal with the limitations of Dynamics 365 Attachments
Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Document Management
What challenges arise with document management in Dynamics 365 and why the standard feature for integration with SharePoint does not solve all problems
Microsoft Teams Governance
5 challenges in dealing with Microsoft Teams Shared Channels that you should know before you activate their use
Microsoft Teams Governance
Microsoft Teams governance has many facets. All about: Issues and best practices, costs, technical differences and tools in comparison
Microsoft Teams Governance
Microsoft Teams maintenance, streamline collaboration or increase adoption with these feature-enhancing apps 
Microsoft Teams Governance
Total control over corporate data, strict data protection requirements and scalability are the advantages of a self-hosted governance solution for MS Teams
Dynamics 365, SharePoint
Dynamics 365 can be extended in many ways - you need to know these top apps to take Dynamics 365 to the next level
Microsoft Teams Governance
Sustainably avoid uncontrolled growth in the collaboration platform and ensure productivity with company-specific standards and governance rules
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