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We solve your Microsoft 365 problems

We know you have done all you can to optimize your operations

Still most companies suffer the same fate:
  • uncontrolled growth of the collaboration platform
  • External user management causes problems
  • User disaffection due to the bottleneck in the IT department
  • Security is compromised because of standards missed
  • Business objectives are at risk
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Risks most business face

of IT departments are overloaded with managing Teams

Risks most business face

see collaboration with external users as a challenge

Risks most business face

of all users are spending too much time searching for documents

Risks most business face

of organisations allow end-users to create teams without restrictions

Companies with more than
1000+ employees trust our solutions

  • fichtner
  • microsoft
  • collabstack
  • digitall
  • communardo

DAX companies with more than 100.000+ employees use our solutions

Our solutions are up and running within one day

As self-hosted applications, our solutions were developed with regard to GDPR with a focus on the German market

We offer solutions to integrate Dynamics 365 and SharePoint and have unique expertise in integrating both technologies

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Teams Center

How can Teams Center improve your business?

We provide the best productivity solutions in the Microsoft 365 area which help you to automate and standardize your Teams Governance.

Win with up to

On operation costs

Save up to

Full-time IT employees per year


IT Maintenance per teams a year


happy Users

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Productivity Case Study

Discover some industry secrets
  • Why are Project Timelines so long
  • How was security resolved
  • How was revenue increased
  • How did we move along the Maturity Matrix
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Lets see how we help you grow your business with our proven process

We enable the digital workplace of the future and let you and your customers master every challenge.

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Senior VP Sales, DIGITALL

With Valprovia as a partner, we were able to find an elegant Microsoft 365 governance solution for our clients so that they can now keep their workspaces within the Microsoft 365 environment always in sync, the result is increased productity.


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Download Checklist: Optimal Governance for Microsoft Teams

Check all relevant aspects step by step to ensure optimal governance for Microsoft Teams

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