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Reasons for Collaborating with Us

Rely on our proven consulting services in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 and a productivity platform that forms an AI knowledge base from your data. This achieves greater efficiency, security, and cost savings in the use of GenAI.

Business Solutions

We advise and implement business solutions around Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, including opportunity management, contract management, and project collaboration.

Productivity Platform

We offer a productivity platform to implement your business solutions more cost-effectively, faster, and with a higher level of maturity.

Technology Expertise

We are technology experts and help you successfully implement Microsoft technologies.

Our Business Solutions - Your Key to GenAI Integration

Valprovia Business Solutions strategically positions your company's knowledge at the center of all activities.

We not only redesign your account, lead, and opportunity management processes, but also empower them with the strength of GenAI.

Our profound expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Teams, and SharePoint enables you to revolutionize project collaboration and knowledge management.

Through carefully prepared data collection processes, we unlock for you the full potential of GenAI, not just to enhance existing solutions, but also to efficiently implement new GenAI scenarios.

Valprovia Business Solutions

Productivity Case Study

Discover some industry secrets
  • Why are Project Timelines so long
  • How was security resolved
  • How was revenue increased
  • How did we move along the Maturity Matrix
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Our Business Solutions Offerings

We prepare the data collection processes in your company for successful deployment of GenAI solutions.
AI Knowledge Base

Knowledge Management for AI Solutions

Optimize your GenAI experience with our solution. We offer structured data management, support data collection, enhance the response quality of GenAI solutions, and thus boost the productivity of your processes.

Project Collaboration

Efficient project management

We optimize project management in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 with customized solutions that leverage automation and integration for increased efficiency.

Microsoft 365,Teams & Dynamics 365 Project Management
Contract Management

Seamless integration of contracts into the sales processes.

The "Contract Management for Dynamics 365" solution revolutionizes your D365 environment. Control the contract lifecycle, promote user adoption, and simplify sales and procurement processes. Save on license costs and achieve maximum efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Contract Management
Lead & Opportunity Management

Complex sales processes are simple.

Our solution for Dynamics 365 offers optimized document management and promotes collaboration in lead and opportunity management. Increase the efficiency and security of your sales processes.

Dynamics 365 Opportunity Management - Lead to cash
Account Management

Central access to all account documents

Our Dynamics 365 & SharePoint based 'Account Management' solution optimizes your business processes. The integration of Microsoft technologies enables a 360° customer view, clear permissions, and effective document management for your company.

Dynamics 365 Account Management EN
Microsoft 365,Teams & Dynamics 365 Project Management
Dynamics 365 Contract Management
Dynamics 365 Opportunity Management - Lead to cash
Dynamics 365 Account Management EN

Our Productivity Platform

The Valprovia Productivity Platform is a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your Microsoft-oriented work environment.


Teams Center

A governance solution that leverages Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to streamline collaboration and administration. It ensures that Teams environments are managed in an organized, secure, and compliant manner with internal and external policies.
Dynamics Integrator

Dynamics Integrator

This component facilitates seamless integration between Dynamics 365 applications and other Microsoft products such as SharePoint and Teams. The Dynamics Integrator breaks down data silos and enables a seamless flow of information between different business areas.
Valprovia AI Knowledge Base Connector

AI Knowledge Base Connector

The AI Knowledge Base Connector is the bridge that enables structured data collection from Teams groups and SharePoint site collections. This data forms the foundation for GenAI solutions by supporting AI-powered insights and automated processes.

Our technology expertise

Our company is characterized by deep expertise in Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and OpenAI. With a profound understanding of these powerful technologies, we deliver tailored solutions that expand your digital capabilities and open up innovative paths for growth and efficiency.

microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

We assist you in implementing intranet platforms based on SharePoint Online and in introducing a digital workplace with Microsoft 365. Additionally, we help you with the development of governance concepts.
dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

We feel at home when it comes to integrating Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. Our extensive project experience in integration projects ensures the success of your project.
OpenAI White


As experts in OpenAI technologies, we provide your organization, your employees, and your processes with customized GenAI solutions. Our AI Knowledge Base is the key to empower and future-proof your entire business.

Our Partners

Together with our partners, we deliver optimal solutions for your success.

A recipe for success

Our expertise enables you to offer efficient products and services that address a variety of requirements and support your customers' digital transformation. Boost your success with proven, comprehensive Microsoft solutions.

That's what our partners say

Mario Pufahl
Senior VP Sales, DIGITALL

With Valprovia as our partner, we were able to find an elegant Microsoft 365 governance solution for our customers, allowing them to keep their data synchronized within the Microsoft 365 environment at all times. The result is increased productivity.

Valprovia Partner

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Download: The ultimative Microsoft Teams Governance Guide

What can a Microsoft Teams governance solution achieve in your company? Our guide provides insights. Download it now!

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Microsoft 365 Governance Guide

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