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Business solutions around Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to enhance your opportunity-to-cash processes.

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Customers Who Trust in Our Services

As Valprovia, we have the privilege of supporting businesses ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations with their challenges through our products and consulting services in Azure OpenAI, Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 areas.

Valprovia Business Solutions

We advise and implement business solutions around Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, including opportunity management, contract management, and project collaboration.

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We optimize your Opportunity-to-Cash processes in M365 by integrating external systems such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or SAP. We centralize your proposals in SharePoint and facilitate project collaboration in Microsoft Teams. Your reusable project outcomes are transported to knowledge management platforms.
Key Points:
Standardization of the Opportunity-to-Cash Processes
Cross-system collaboration
Implementation of Opportunity-to-Cash Processes in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
Project Collaboration in Microsoft Teams
Storage of reusable outcomes in SharePoint Knowledge Management
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Project Collaboration
in Microsoft 365
We standardize your project work in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, enabling you to collaborate securely with your service providers and clients according to your project compliance guidelines. We integrate external systems such as Dynamics 365 into your project collaboration.
Key Points:
Project Automation in Microsoft Teams
Reduction of Communication Barriers
Project Document Management
Optimized Project Structures
Project Lifecycle Management
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Contract Management
in SharePoint & D365
Contract Management solution revolutionizes your Dynamics 365 environment. Control the contract lifecycle, promote user adoption, and simplify sales and procurement processes. Save on license costs and achieve maximum efficiency.
Key Points:
Store contract documents in SharePoint
Standardize your contract documents
Lifecycle management for contract documents
Synchronization of contract attributes in Dynamics 365 to the documents in SharePoint
Access to contract documents in SharePoint with consideration of permissions in Dynamics 365
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Knowledge Management
We design and implement the best information architecture for your knowledge management solution. This enables you to capture your company's knowledge and make it accessible to your employees.
Key Points:
Continuous knowledge capturing
Process definition for storing corporate knowledge
Reporting on uncaptured corporate knowledge
Creation of AI knowledge databases
Search functionality for the knowledge management solution
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Opportunity Management
Opportunity management solution for Dynamics 365 offers optimized document management and promotes collaboration in lead and opportunity management. Increase the efficiency and security of your sales processes.
Key Points:
Store your sales documents in SharePoint
Integrate SharePoint with Dynamics 365
Standardize your sales documents storage
Access to the documents for the sales opportunities in SharePoint, taking into account the permissions in Dynamics 365
Synchronization of attributes from leads and sales opportunities in Dynamics 365 to the documents in SharePoin
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Account Management solution optimizes your business processes. The integration of Microsoft technologies enables a 360° customer view, clear permissions, and effective document management for your company.
Key Points:
Efficient Account Management with Dynamics 365
Integration of Microsoft Technologies for Clear Permissions
Seamless Collaboration and Central Document Storage
360° View of Business Data for Strategic Decision Making
Regulatory Compliance in Document Retention
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Our Consultancy Offerings

Rely on our proven consulting services.

Download: Success Guide for Dynamics 365 und SharePoint Integration

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business Operations

Get ahead in the digital transformation journey with our exclusive Whitepaper and learn how to seamlessly blend the power of Dynamics 365 with SharePoint's robust document management capabilities.

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Dynamics Integration Success Guide (DE)

Productivity Case Study

Discover some industry secrets
  • Why are Project Timelines so long
  • How was security resolved
  • How was revenue increased
  • How did we move along the Maturity Matrix
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Our Technology Expertise

We are technology experts and help you successfully implement Microsoft technologies.

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As experts in OpenAI technologies, we provide your organization, your employees, and your processes with customized GenAI solutions. Our AI Knowledge Base is the key to empower and future-proof your entire business.
microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

We assist you in implementing intranet platforms based on SharePoint Online and in introducing a digital workplace with Microsoft 365. Additionally, we help you with the development of governance concepts.
dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

We feel at home when it comes to integrating Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. Our extensive project experience in integration projects ensures the success of your project.

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