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Dynamics 365 & SharePoint based lead and opportunity management

With our solution, you can increase sales efficiency by managing leads and opportunities more effectively in complex sales processes and facilitating collaboration between different teams.

The storage of documents and offers for opportunities and leads is done in SharePoint


Integration of opportunity management with other systems such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams


Access to the documents for the sales opportunities in SharePoint, taking into account the permissions in Dynamics 365


Synchronization of attributes from leads and sales opportunities in Dynamics 365 to the documents in SharePoint

Search for offers for a specific customer

Storage of the final offers and the won sales opportunities

Your benefits with our lead and opportunity management for Dynamics 365

Our solution allows you to efficiently manage complex lead and opportunity processes. This enables you to structure your operations, minimize security risks, comply with compliance policies, and improve collaboration between departments.

Complex sales processes are no longer a challenge

You increase sales efficiency by managing leads and opportunities more effectively in complex sales processes.

Easy finding of documents related to opportunities

Through automated tagging, documents are securely archived and easily searchable.

Increase in sales efficiency through the integration of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint

Our solution for Dynamics 365 and SharePoint takes your company to a new level of efficiency in lead and opportunity management.

Our productivity platform perfects your lead and opportunity management in Dynamics 365

The Valprovia productivity platform offers standardized products that can improve your lead and opportunity management. You can integrate Dynamics 365 with SharePoint, access offers via Microsoft Teams, and enhance your opportunity management through artificial intelligence.

Our expertise in lead and opportunity management

Valprovia specializes in supporting customers in the implementation of lead and opportunity management solutions as part of lead-to-cash processes. These solutions are based on Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. Our technological expertise and our powerful productivity platform enable us to develop and effectively implement individually tailored solutions for you.

microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

We deliver efficient and user-friendly lead management solutions, developed with Microsoft 365. We use our expertise to improve your processes and always provide up-to-date data and analysis to fully exploit your business opportunities. Rely on us for transparent business processes, supported by Microsoft 365.
dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

We optimize your sales process with specialized Dynamics 365 solutions for lead and opportunity management. We use our expertise to strengthen your lead-to-cash strategy and maximize the efficiency of your sales channels.
OpenAI White


We use OpenAI technologies to optimize your lead and opportunity management. By using AI-supported assistance, we enable you to make more precise decisions. Our solutions have an intuitive, ChatGPT-based user interface that significantly increases the efficiency of your sales processes.

Supporting lead and opportunity management processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence

With our productivity platform and comprehensive consulting services, we develop a specialized knowledge database for lead and opportunity management. This serves as a basis to effectively train your AI solutions. We assist you in establishing a seamless connection between knowledge management and AI solutions, making the implementation of your AI applications faster, more efficient, and safer.
Valprovia Business Solutions

Productivity Case Study

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  • How was security resolved
  • How was revenue increased
  • How did we move along the Maturity Matrix
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GenAI-based lead and opportunity management scenarios

With the Artificial Intelligence solutions based on GenAI, you can automate the following activities in lead and opportunity management.
Generating the offers
Creating sales pitch slide presentations
Predicting the probability of closing sales opportunities
Anonymizing the offer documents
Translating offer documents
Accessing corporate sales knowledge using an AI assistant

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lead and opportunity management are key elements in customer relationship and sales management, with lead management focusing on the identification, qualification, and nurturing of potential customers (leads), usually through various channels such as online marketing and social media. After qualifying these leads, opportunity management involves managing and progressing sales opportunities (opportunities), including analyzing their potential, systematically tracking their progress, and applying targeted sales strategies for closing. While lead management covers the early stages of the sales process, opportunity management focuses on the later stages, with both processes closely linked and working together to ensure a seamless flow from lead generation to sales closure.
Lead and opportunity management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an integral part of the CRM system, focusing on the efficient handling and conversion of potential customer interests into profitable business opportunities. In the lead management part, Dynamics 365 supports companies in capturing, assessing, and nurturing leads through automated tools and data-driven insights. Once a lead is qualified, it is further developed in the framework of opportunity management, where Dynamics 365 provides features for detailed analysis of sales potential, tracking progress, and strategic planning of sales activities. These processes are seamlessly integrated into the overall system and enable an optimized sales pipeline, improved customer insights, and effective coordination between marketing and sales teams, ultimately to increase sales success.

Is the lead and opportunity management in Dynamics 365 a product of Valprovia? The Dynamics 365 lead and opportunity management is a customized consulting service offered in combination with the Valprovia Productivity Platform. We implement a tailored solution for you within the scope of the lead and sales opportunity management based on Dynamics 365, using our products such as the Dynamics Integrator, Teams Center, and the AI Knowledge Base Connector.

Lead and opportunity management, based on Dynamics, is compatible with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Dynamics 365 Sales. Thanks to the flexible architecture of the Valprovia Productivity Platform, lead and opportunity management can also be extended to other systems, such as SAP or Salesforce.

In the context of lead and opportunity management, the synchronize of permissions for individual records from Dynamics 365 to SharePoint is carried out. This ensures that offer documents can only be viewed by persons who have the appropriate permissions to oversee these leads or opportunities in Dynamics 365.
The lead and opportunity management solution configures Dynamics 365 in conjunction with Valprovia products so that documents are automatically tagged with keywords.
The duration of implementation depends on the specific project situation. Based on our experience, the implementation time varies between one and three months.
Yes, we can successfully migrate the data from your old system to the new lead and opportunity management solution.

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