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Switching to a governance solution is not a matter of bravery

Have you introduced Microsoft Teams on the fly without a governance concept? Or do you have a governance tool in use that no longer meets your requirements? Many companies are afraid to take the next step of switching to a modern governance solution. Nevertheless, these challenges must be met:
  • Intensive involvement of project staff
  • High migration costs
  • Dependency on the existing solution


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Risks for most companies


of companies let their end users create teams without restrictions

Governance Study 2022

Risiken für die meisten Unternehmen

See collaboration with external users as a challenge

Governance Study 2022

Risks for most companies

do not use templates when creating teams

Governance Study 2022

Risks for most companies

IT departments are too busy managing teams

Governance Study 2022

Migration Add-On Features

Select Workspaces

Granular selection of Microsoft Teams groups
The migration wizard allows you to select the workspaces to be migrated from the overview.
Your own criteria for migration can be defined. If you are looking for a specific workspace, use the search function to find it.
Microsoft Teams Filter Unmanaged Workspaces

Assign template

Standardization based on templates

Migrate Teams Groups based on templates you've defined in Teams Center. Bring your Teams Groups up to your organization's governance standards.

Microsoft Teams Template Selection

Assign security level

Security & Compliance

Apply the security policies to the existing teams groups.

Microsoft Teams Security Level Selection

Monitor status

Keep track

Easily track the status of your migration process. At any time, you can identify which workspaces have already been migrated and which are in progress. All details are available.

Migration Requests Detail Teams Center

Further functionalities



Import your teams groups according to your criteria, which you can define flexibly.

Vector (4)

Metadata specification

Assign metadata based on your specifications already with the migration and make it easier for employees to use.
05-Administrator Option D

Exlcude Users

Explicitly exclude users during migration who should not be granted access automatically after migration.
02-User Capacity

Orphaned Team Manager

During migration, define a user that prevents Teams groups from being orphaned or migrated to Teams Center without an owner.

05-Administrator Option A

Security levels

You can choose which of the security levels stored in Teams Center should be applied to the Teams groups selected for migration.

01-Create Template

Template selection

Get access to all templates that have already been defined in Teams Center.

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Rainer Schulz
Head of IT Services, Horváth & Partners

Die Entscheidung für Teams Center ist uns leicht gefallen, da wir sofort den Mehrwert erkannten, der sich durch die drastische Reduzierung der administrativen Tätigkeiten mit Teams Center ergibt.


Frequently asked questions


Teams Center Migration Add-On is an extension for Teams Center that can be purchased in addition to Teams Center.

The Migration Add-On can significantly simplify your entry into Temas Center and shortens the migration phase. 

Within a very short time, you can migrate your existing Teams environment to Teams Center. The relief of the specialists and time savings mean cash for your company.

The entire project team involved in the migration is relieved of time by the add-on, freeing up resources of the specialists for other tasks.

Currently, we offer a purchase option where there is only a one-time cost to purchase the solution.

Download: The ultimate Microsoft Teams Governance Guide

What can a Microsoft Teams governance solution do for your organization? Our guide clarifies. Download now!

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Microsoft 365 Governance Guide